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Dr. Anunaya Jain

Tele counselling provides a boost to consumption of contraception services

To address DMPA clients’ need for effective and timely support, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded the Abt-led Support for National Injectables Roll-out Careline Expansion Project. It provides tele-counseling to ensure women receive reassurance about side-effects and reminders for their next injection in a non-threatening environment. Abt’s approach proved successful in the private sector and is expanding into the public sector in five states: Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Haryana, and Rajasthan.

Dr. Anunaya Jain

Read more here https://www.abtassociates.com/projects/tele-counseling-boosts-indian-contraception-rates#.YXE812VT4r8.linkedin